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Book Aid Charitable Trust

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About Book Aid

In the 1980s a desperate plea came from Africa and other countries where economic crises and foreign currency restrictions had reduced supplies of Christian books to an all-time low. This cry for help from vast numbers of Christians suffering from "Book Famine" became impossible to ignore.

Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up in order to make large shipments of new and secondhand Christian books and Bibles to these needy areas. In particular Book Aid supports Christian bookshops, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Sorted books ready for packing

Books are gathered by volunteers through a network of UK collection points. They are then transported to the warehouses in London and Ranskill. The books are sorted, boxed and placed on pallets ready for shipment.

Books are placed on pallets ready for shipment

When the books reach their destination they are sold at affordable prices. The money raised is used to enhance and develop local literature initiatives and support Christian ministries.

Books are sold in local bookshops

Smaller shipments of more scholarly books are occasionally made to equip Bible College libraries where they are used to train a new generation of ministers of the Gospel.

Book Aid  equips Bible College libraries with the textbooks they need

Of those books not required overseas, some are sold in Book Aid bookshops in the United Kingdom and the money raised used to pay shipping and administration costs.

Some books are sold in the UK to cover administration and shipping costs

Since 1988 over 30 million Christian Books and Bible have been shipped to book hungry areas thanks to the generosity of British Christians.

22 million Christian Books have been shipped overseas